Adult Beginners Drawing with Sue Pownall – 6 week course -SORRY FULLY BOOKED

Date: 5th April 2016 - 10th May 2016
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Tone sample

Every Tuesday evening 7.00pm to 9.00pm for six weeks starting 5th April


In this friendly and supportive series of workshops, you will gain an introduction to the basic skills of drawing. Each session will focus on a different theme, through which you will explore and understand line, tone, measurement, texture, and composition. Along with group sessions, one-to-one tutoring is provided by local artist Sue Pownall.

Week 1. Taking a line for a walk.
In this class, we will explore ways to make marks using different pens and pencils. You will be producing simple line and contour drawings. Producing a self portrait is just one of the many drawings you will produce.

Week 2. Tempting tone.
Moving on from making marks with lines, in this second week, we will explore ways to add depth to our line work through adding tone.

Week 3. Inching along.
To produce more accurate drawings, we will examine and practise the basic rules of measurement and proportion during this week’s class.

Week 4. Leather and lace.
Through suggesting qualities of texture, we can add another dimension to our drawings. In this class, we will add dimension to elephants and rabbits through suggesting texture.

Week 5. Three is the magic number.
Building on week three, this class looks at composition. You will produce a series of thumbnail drawings in order to explore how to compose an interesting drawing.

Week 6. Buildings, objects, and portraits.
In this final week, we will put together all the elements of the previous weeks to produce final drawings.

Recommended materials:
A range of pencils 2B – 7B
Plastic eraser
Putty rubber
2 pens (Staedtlar pigment liner, Micron, and Unipin Fine Line are good brands)– nib size 0.3 and 0.5

Drawing boards and paper supplied.

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