Alison Holt – Flowers and Foliage (2 day course)-SORRY FULLY BOOKED

Date: 22nd September 2018 - 23rd September 2018
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Spaces: -2

This  two day course is suitable for Beginners and Improvers

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September

With a range of garden flowers as inspiration, students will experiment with painting on silk in an impressionistic style to create a base for machine stitching. Drawing with straight stitch and zigzag stitch, machine embroidery techniques will be explored for the flowers. Combining the two elements we will produce images with colour, depth and definition.
Beginners can produce several small pieces which will make wonderful embroidered pictures or cards. Alternatively a more experienced student can work on a larger more complex close up of a flower of their choice.
Stitch techniques demonstrated will include delphiniums, foxgloves, roses, astilbes and many more.

Includes homemade lunch, refreshments and cream tea

About the artist

Alison Holt, a UK contemporary textile artist with a Fine Art Embroidery BA Hons degree from Goldsmiths College, London, specialising in freehand machine embroidery.

To find out more about Alison and her work you can follow the link below:

What you will need to bring

If you have any trouble sourcing items please note all items marked with a £ may be purchased from the tutor and all items marked with an X may be borrowed from the tutor
Please email Alison if you have a query

An electric sewing machine, well maintained, a basic machine that you are familiar with is ideal, you dont need a computerised model. Preferably with an extension table to support the hoop and a removable bobbin case (n0t essential)
Spare bobbin case if you prefer not to alter the tension on your usual case
X Photographs for inspiration/detail appropriate to the course (see the website gallery for ideas)
X Large screwdriver for tightening embroidery hoop screw
X Small screwdriver for altering tension on machine bobbin case
£ White medium weight silk (Habutai 8mm) as background fabric for embroidery
£ Air/water-soluble pen to transfer design on to silk
£ Selection of sewing machine threads, all types can be used
£ 2 x 8 inch wooden embroidery hoop with screw on outer hoop (With inner hoop bound with cotton tape)
Embroidery scissors with sharp pointed ends
Medium weight cotton fabric or similar to practice stitch techniques
Spare bobbins for machine
Spare machine needles size 12/80 or similar
Notepad and pen, tracing paper or acetate, pencil and ruler
X 2 x L-shaped cards for framing/cropping images

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