Brin Edwards – The Character of Birds in Acrylics

Date: 12th October 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Spaces: 7
Brin Edwards - The Character of Birds in Acrylics

This acrylic painting workshop with birds as the principle subject will give you very useful insights into composition, colour mixing, the use of different colour combinations, as well as the unique properties of acrylic paint. As an avid birdwatcher Brin can help you explore ways of depicting birds and other wildlife in a vibrant lively manner, whilst capturing their individual characteristics and behaviours. You will also have the benefit of seeing how Brin works and will be able to work in a similar style; building up your picture with areas of bold flat colour, giving the impression of the subject without fussing over fine detail. Using Acrylics will enable you to overpaint quickly, allowing ‘mistakes’ to be easily rectified, which will help to build your confidence! This promises to be an exciting and rewarding day, at the end of which you will leave with some finished work to be truly proud of. There will be a wide range of photographic reference available to work from.

Includes homemade lunch and refreshments 

About the Artist

Brin Edwards’ fascination with the natural world began during early childhood in Singapore, where he was captivated by the colourful tropical species in his back garden. At university he studied towards a career in scientific research, however he soon realised that his interest was more in the visual than the theoretical. He gradually started to get his illustrations published and built up a folio of work for a variety of UK and European book and magazine publishers. In recent years he has developed a more personal and expressive way of depicting the natural world in his oil paintings. This looser, more atmospheric approach acts as an antidote to the precision of his illustration work. Now living and working in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, much of the inspiration for Brin’s paintings comes from close to home.

What you will need to bring

Artists quality acrylic paints, as many as you have (student paints available on the day)
At least three brushes (short flats are best in sizes 4, 6 and 10),
White crayon or conte and a 2B pencil
A couple of canvases or boards sizes A4/A3
A desk top easel if you have one (if not use one of ours)
Pallet or tear off pallet sheets

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