Eleanor Mann – Church Snow Scene***Only 4 Places Remaining***

Date: 30th November 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Spaces: 3

Colour mixing is one of the trickiest, but most important, areas of watercolour painting. Instead of using colour as it comes out of the tubes we shall mix them to make grey colours to form the basis of this winter scene. Making grey from the 3 primary colours will always produce a more interesting “grey” than using one bought from any paint manufacturer. Your resulting picture could be made into this years Christmas cards!

Includes homemade lunch, refreshments and cream tea

About the artist

Eleanor is a professional watercolour artist and a dedicated, inspiring teacher of the medium. Eleanor has written an ebook, based on her knowledge of watercolour, The WATERCOLOUR Book : How to paint anything, which is available as a PDF from her website www.eleanormann.co.uk, or from Amazon for Kindle.

What you will need to bring

3 x 5ml tubes of Winsor and Newton professional quality watercolour paint. Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (Green Shade) and Permanent Rose. Professional quality paints are more expensive than student quality, but they are easier to use and last longer.

One large brush (No 10-14) with a good point and one smaller one (No 6-8), both synthetic. I recommend Pro-Arte.

paper, size 14” x 10” (300gsm/140lb) either a gummed block or stretched on a board. I recommend Bockingford made by St Cuthberts Mill.

One plastic palette with mixing wells

2 jars for water

A roll of kitchen paper

Scrap watercolour paper for testing tones and colours

Pencil, (putty) rubber, pencil sharpener

Most equipment and materials will be available to borrow or buy on the day, please contact us for details.


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