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Janet Mayled – Still Life Mixed Media Workshop

£75.00 | 23rd September - 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM | Spaces available: 5


Janet will talk about her work and methods and lead you through her process to create a large scale still life painting using acrylic and pastel. She will provide a range of considered objects to create a still life on different levels, with the aim of creating a composition which will draw the viewer through the painting. You will also be considering colour theory and balance of colour to create a successful painting.

About the Artist

“Having trained as a textile designer I feel this greatly influences my work, with a love of clean colour and pattern. To create my work, I use acrylic, sometimes collage materials and pastels. I use strong vivid fluid colour and then use the other media to add solidity to the objects and add depth. Some of the fluid dye areas will be left, as they are especially effective for creating reflective objects or water effects to contrast with the solid areas. When considering what to record I am looking for captivating compositions which draw your eye through the painting, breaking down elements into patterns, leading your eye from one object to the next. Pattern is important in my work, whether painting a still life or urban landscape, and this harks back to my training as a textile designer.
I am a member of Peak District Artisans and have had three articles published in ‘The Artist’.

What you will need to bring

  • Janet will bring a range of objects to create a still life
  • Aquarelle Hot Pressed watercolour paper 76 x 56 cm (300gsm)
  • Range of sizes of watercolour and acrylic brushes
  • Water pots
  • Welled palette or you could use yogurt cartons or jars.
  • Tissue for catching drips
  • Range of acrylic paints primary colours, white and black. I use System 3 and Galeria but if you don’t have these specific brands bring what you have.
  • Plate, palette or tear off palettes for acrylics.
  • Range of colours of pastels and chalks
  • Apron (not essential)

All equipment and materials will be available to buy or borrow on the day, please contact us for details.

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