Lois Cordelia – Beginners Fast and Furious Acrylics ***Only 3 Places Remaining***

Date: 15th July 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Spaces: 3


All Materials and Equipment Included

Let go conventional ideas about realistic colour and obsessive detail, and instead be expressive and spontaneous with colour, launch into bold, sweeping brushstrokes on a large scale, and communicate more with less. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with metallic colours and iridescent mediums, and try your hand at palette knife painting. We will work loosely based on photo references (human portraits, animal portraits, landscapes, etc). The focus will be more on freedom of expression than on achieving an accurate likeness, though Lois will be happy to give advice on both. Ideal workshop for beginners in acrylics and anyone wanting to loosen up their painting style.


About the Artist

Lois Cordelia is a versatile freelance artist, illustrator and creative workshop tutor, using diverse styles and mediums, including paper-cutting, acrylic speed-painting, and mixed media sculpture. She recently designed and painted one of the pig statues for the Ipswich Pigs Gone Wild 2016 public art trail, “Pig-geswyk”. Since 1999, she has worked part-time as a studio assistant to children’s author-illustrator Jan Pienkowski (born 1936), best known for his Meg and Mog series. Website and blog: www.LoisCordelia.com

Loïs’s paper-cut designs have been published in books, journals and music albums in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and the United States. Her paper-cuts are a synthesis of swift, energetic sketches and painstakingly precise cuts of a surgical scalpel blade. Each exquisite miniature may take many hours to complete.

At the opposite end of the scale, Loïs’s “speed-paintings” are rendered with bold, energetic, sweeping brush- and knife-strokes. Her paintings often feature iridescent, shimmering and metallic colours, and, unusually, are often painted over existing imagery, making creative use of the original to contribute to a new artwork.

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