Lois Cordelia – An Introduction to Paper-Cutting

Date: 1st April 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Spaces: 3


All Materials and Equipment Included

Welcome to the magical world of paper-cutting. We begin with a richly illustrated world tour of paper-cutting traditions, to set our workshop in context. Using a Swann-Morton scalpel, Lois Cordelia will then demonstrate the basic techniques of knife paper-cutting before introducing a range of templates on which to base a design, whether meticulously intricate, or bold and minimalistic. Feel free to bring some of your own references, or come along on the day and be inspired by cut-paper motifs, designs and imagery from around the globe. This workshop is ideal for beginners, as for those who have dabbled in paper-cutting and want some guidance. Paper-cutting can be a beautiful addition to other craft activities, including screen-printing, card making and stencilling.


About the Artist

Lois Cordelia is a versatile freelance artist, illustrator and creative workshop tutor, using diverse styles and mediums, including paper-cutting, acrylic speed-painting, and mixed media sculpture. She recently designed and painted one of the pig statues for the Ipswich Pigs Gone Wild 2016 public art trail, “Pig-geswyk”. Since 1999, she has worked part-time as a studio assistant to children’s author-illustrator Jan Pienkowski (born 1936), best known for his Meg and Mog series. Website and blog: www.LoisCordelia.com

Loïs’s paper-cut designs have been published in books, journals and music albums in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and the United States. Her paper-cuts are a synthesis of swift, energetic sketches and painstakingly precise cuts of a surgical scalpel blade. Each exquisite miniature may take many hours to complete.

At the opposite end of the scale, Loïs’s “speed-paintings” are rendered with bold, energetic, sweeping brush- and knife-strokes. Her paintings often feature iridescent, shimmering and metallic colours, and, unusually, are often painted over existing imagery, making creative use of the original to contribute to a new artwork.


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