Margaret Beal – Fabric Fusions 1, 2,& 3 (3 day Course) SORRY FULLY BOOKED

Date: 16th November 2018 - 18th November 2018
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Spaces: -4

Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November


Getting to grips with using the fine tipped soldering iron to cut, fuse and make marks on fabric.  Armed with a fine tipped soldering iron, discover how to cut, fuse, seal, seam, score and make marks on single or multiple layers of synthetic fabric, creating finished pieces that are beautiful in their own right, or make unique surfaces for further stitching whether by hand or machine.  The techniques are easy to learn, straightforward and fun.


This dayschool is a continuation of the techniques covered in Part 1.  Techniques will include applique, reverse applique, layering, and cutwork.  A small amount of machine stitching is involved.


We shall be experimenting with a variety of fabrics, distorting surfaces and manipulating simple shapes to form three-dimensional surfaces. There will be a certain amount of trial and error involved as some of the techniques you will find easier than others.

A Word about Health and Safety

Because of the risk of inhaling toxic fumes from melting fabric, it is advisable to wear a protective face mask or respirator and work in a well ventilated room.

About the artist

Margaret is a pioneer of soldering fabrics and author of two books. She has also trade marked her own soldering tool.

To find out more about Margaret and her work you can follow the link below:

What you will need to bring

  1. A very fine tipped soldering iron 240volts 18 – 24 watts. See text below
  2. Medium size terracotta flower pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. This is used as a soldering iron stand (the tip of the iron sits in the hole)
  3. Piece of glass about A4 size, edges covered with masking tape.
  4. Mains extension lead, (please try to bring one)
  5. Face mask, suitable for fumes.(If you are worried about the possibility of breathing in harmful fumes from melting fabric)
  6. Fabric scissors (large ones)
  7. Nylon organza.  See text below
  8. Any very lightweight polyester fabrics or (charity shop polyester scarves) you would like to try using.
  9. A smooth edged metal ruler
  10. A  piece of fine wire wool (grade 0000) to clean the tip of the soldering iron
  11. Flat metal templates and stencils, washers, cogs, coins etc.
  12. Sewing machine
  13. Machine threads (non meltable) such as cotton or rayon
  14. Medium to large size tapestry needle
  15. Small embroidery hoop


I will bring a variety of fabrics ready cut for use on the day at a cost of £6.00 per person for those who wish to use them.

Soldering iron

The tip should be very fine (I use a 0.12mm tip)

I have 12 soldering irons to borrow for those who do not have their own.

On sale

Soldering irons to buy on the day, price £24.00


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