Maria Spiller – Illuminated Christmas Tree***Only 2 Places Remaining***

Date: 3rd December 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Spaces: -1

This a great opportunity to use up your scraps and bits and pieces to make this gorgeous festive wall hanging designed by Maria Spiller. The piece which will measure approximately 19″ x 30″ is assembled using fused appliqué with free machine stitching/quilting; a die cutter will be provided to precision cut the circles/“baubles”. Then just add the lights!

Includes homemade lunch and refreshments

About the artist

Maria Spiller is a patchwork tutor and quilter; qualified to the highest level in City and Guilds. She is also experienced in numerous other crafts and the owner of two pepper and salt Schnauzers.

What you will need to bring

• Fabric for the background to the tree, min 21” x32”

• Fabric for the binding, enough to create a strip 110” x 2.5”

• Fabric scraps for the tree itself – this one is made from circles/“baubles” in three sizes, plus a tree trunk

• Backing fabric, min 21” x32”

• Fabric for a hanging mechanism, be it a sleeve (unseen) or tabs (seen) – add extra background or backing depending on choice

• Fabric to make a pocket to hold the battery pack (I’ve used the same as the backing fabric)

• Bondaweb

• Fusible fleece 20” x 31”(I used Vilene Heat ’n’ Bond. It comes 20” wide, just wide enough for the wallhanging)

• Quilt wadding (or curtain interlining) min 21” x32”(this is in addition to the fusible fleece, and adds some weight to support the battery pack, but overall it’s not too thick)

• Battery operated indoor lights – flashing or non-flashing. You want the ‘string’ sort with small ‘pointy/straight’ bulbs (NOT flowers, bugs, baubles etc). My set of lights has 20 bulbs; I initially thought 20 was plenty, too many perhaps, but no, it could probably take a few more. You might also want to consider the colour of your lights in relation to your other fabric choices/home decor.

• Any other embellishments, eg buttons, bells, bows

• Threads to match.

• Eyelet punch and hammer.
We can help out with small pieces of Christmas fabric

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