Marie Antoniou – Contemporary Wildlife (acrylic) – SORRY FULLY BOOKED

Date: 8th October 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Spaces: -2


Using Acrylics we will explore through various painting techniques how to portray animals without
fussing over detail. Each animal has a uniqueness all of it’s own, whether through it’s behaviour, personality or distinctive markings. This workshop will help you to express the characteristics of wild or domestic animals in a contemporary, expressionistic style. Throughout the day there will be demonstrations and guidance suited to each individual, making it suitable for absolute beginners as well as improvers who are keen to develop their style of painting.

This is a day of big brushes and bold strokes – come along and liberate the artist in you.

About the Artist

descentFollowing her graduation from university with an art degree, Marie’s long held love of animals and nature led her on to further study in Scientific Illustration. As a professional artist she teaches, demonstrates and delivers art related activities at corporate and community events. When she isn’t teaching, time is spent painting in her studio painting. The theme of nature is continually explored in an increasingly expressive style, contrary to the tight representational ideas that were promoted during her University studies. Her paintings are an impressionistic interpretation conveying traditional subject’s in a more contemporary style, explored through expressive brushstrokes and bold colour giving a slight abstract feel to the work.

Marie is represented by several galleries and has won many awards for her work. In 2013 she was Best British Bird category winner for ‘Pigeon Frenzy’ in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition.

What You Will Need to Bring

Your usual Acrylic paints and kit
Selection of flat brushes (½ to 3 inch)
Size A3 canvases or an Acrylic pad
Bring whatever Acrylic paints you have or as a guide Marie uses Daler Rowney System 3 Heavy    Body Acrylics
Additional materials include water pots, large plastic mixing tray, kitchen towel and a palette knife.

Photographic reference will be provided but feel free to bring along your own reference.

Some materials and equipment are available borrow or buy on the day, please contact us for details.

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