Valérie Pirlot – Plein Air Weekend***Only 2 Places Remaining***

Date: 3rd July 2021 - 4th July 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Spaces: -6

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July 2021

Valérie Pirlot artist – Plein air and studio painter

Working ‘En plein air’ or simply in front of the subject (for still lives, interiors, …) encourages spontaneity and keeps the work fresh, avoiding the mistake of overworking and adding unnecessary details. It is an instinctive and spontaneous way of painting, reacting to the changing weather and light conditions which often produces unforeseen results. It is all about capturing the “essence” of a place in a few brushstrokes, but making every single one count. Valérie Pirlot

The main focus in this workshop is feeling more confident using oils in plein air or in front of the subject, and work in a free and spontaneous way, with freshness and energy. I’ll help you focus on the essence of the subject, choose a successful composition, and achieve dynamic and lively brushstrokes. I’ll help you determine when to stop, what to put in, what to leave out, and have a clearer plan in your head that you can rely on every time so you can really build your confidence as an artist.

As well as learning vital skills in composition, tonal values and colour use, you will gain invaluable experience in the practicalities of painting in the open air.

This two day workshop is most suitable for those with some oil painting experience. The day will begin in the studio, but you will be working mostly outside and will only move back into the studio in the event of persistent or heavy rain.

Lunch will be served in our dining room.

Includes homemade lunch, refreshments and cream tea both days

About the Artist

Valérie Pirlot is a Belgian oil painter who has lived and worked in Bath for the past 13 years ago. She is a member of the Bath Society of Artists since 2018. Light is the main inspiration in her work. Painting predominately in the great outdoors, in all weathers, she gets much joy from capturing the beauty of her surroundings with freshness and passion.

“I am a self taught artist and love to share my passion for painting with others. In this workshop I will detail all the tips and techniques I use to help you improve and progress. In a welcoming and relaxed way, the plan is always to work hard, learn lots, while having a fun time. Most people come to me because they want to loosen up their style and paint with more freshness. It is indeed something central in my teaching.

What you will need to bring

– Oil paints (artist quality if you have them) Please see link below to have the detail of Valérie’s palette.

Please note: Valérie uses water mixable paints. They work very much like normal oils but she uses water instead of turpentine. She doesn’t use any other mediums. Of course you can use traditional oils and bring the mediums you are comfortable with. But if you ever wanted to give water mixable a try, this can be the chance to do so as Valérie can answer all your questions about it.

– Selection of Brushes

– A selection of canvas boards – a vartiety of sizes would be good – For example 10″ x 12″, 10”x8”, 10”x10”

– Portable easel

– Appropriate clothing to face any conditions: hot, cold, windy, rain etc… (it is good to have many layers you can add and remove througout the day). And an apron if you don’t want to stain your clothing.

– A camera or phone to take reference photographs or to use as viewfinder

– A stool if you prefer to sit (we have a few available)

– Kitchen roll or rags

– Carrier bag for rubbish

– Wet wipes are also useful

for more info, Valérie’s comprehensive guide of her own material list can be found here:

It is absolutely fine to bring your own choice of brushes, painting support, paints, but feel free to use the same material as Valérie if you are unsure about what to bring.

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