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As subscribers of our Newsletter and valued customers we would like to announce to you our first events for 2016. Efforts are well under way putting a full programme together, but we plan to release artists and dates via the Newsletter to give subscribers the earliest opportunity to secure places.

Not to be missed!

For 2016 we have again managed to persuade Haidee-Jo Summers to allow us a full weekend out of her amazingly busy schedule. Due to the commitments of painting for exhibitions, producing books and travelling the world, she has almost had to give up taking workshops – we are very honoured.
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Bev has also worked her magic on Hashim Akib, who equally struggles to find time to teach and never does full weekends – he will be joining us for a FULL WEEKEND this coming May.
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Haidee-Jo Summers
Plein Air Oils (day 1)
Saturday 14th May 2016
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Haidee-Jo Summers
Plein Air Oils (day 2)
Sunday 15th May 2016
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Hashim Akib
Portaying Light
in Acrylic (day 1)
Saturday 21st May 2016
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Hashim Akib
Portaying Light
in Acrylic (day 2)
Sunday 22nd May 2016
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Anyway we can’t spend our time wishing our lives away when there’s plenty more to do this year. We have some really exciting workshops that still have spaces available for the painters and the stitchers.

For the Painters:

Saturday 3rd October 2015
Brin Edwards
Wild Birds and Wetlands in Acrylic
Learn how to capture the true nature of wild birds in their environment – all the light and movement in modern impressionistic style.
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Saturday 31st October 2015
Michele Webber
Watercolour Flower Painting
The translucent qualities of watercolour make it absolutely perfect for capturing the delicate, changing nature of flowers.
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Saturday 14th November 2015
Melanie Cambridge
First Time Oil Painter
If you have never tried oil painting before or feel you need a bit of expert tuition to move forward with your work, then come along and have a go.
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Saturday 28th November 2015
Charles Evans
Winter Scene in Acrylic
Charles will provide a day of relaxed painting, with expert tips on techniques and colours.
This workshop is suitable for all abilities.
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For the Stitchers:
Friday 6th November 2015
Alex Waylett
Textile Art – Fab Flowers
Design and construct your own beautiful flower, whilst learning about the appropriate uses of water soluble fabrics, for structural textiles. Your flower could be perfect as a fascinator, corsage or simply a floral decoration in a vase.
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Saturday 7th November 2015
Polar Bears, Penguins and Puffins
Needle Felting Workshop
Whether you have never felted before or are already a practitioner in need of some new ideas, come and join in on this very social day.
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Friday 20th November 2015
Alex Waylett
Textile Art – Christmas Cards & Box
Learn about different materials available to the textile artist and produce a layered sample to be constructed into cards and a decorative box.
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Wednesday 9th December 2015
Alex Waylett
Textile Art – Embroidered Purse
Design and construct your own, beautiful, fully lined purse in a day.
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Many thanks for taking time to read this newsletter and we hope to see you very soon.

Best wishes and keep on creating,

Bev Caleno

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